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Please note the current scope of operating and parent utility companies in the Portal is limited to FERC Form 1 respondents. Please also note that Portal performance can lag when the web page first loads, but quickly improves soon after.

Note: The Portal experience is best when viewed on a computer screen.

About The Portal

The Utility Transition Hub™ Portal is an interactive data portal that allows users to track, quantify, and understand the less visible forces—investments, operations, policies, and regulations—driving future outcomes in the electricity sector. The Portal also provides visibility into the customer and community impacts of those outcomes. It is a “living” tool that will be continually updated and improved.

How the Portal Can Be Used
  1. Understand the degree of alignment of utility resource plans and commitments with a 1.5°C trajectory
  2. Track historical utility investments in fossil and clean energy, along with emissions trajectories and customer costs at the sector and individual utility levels
  3. Compare performance across peer utilities, and identify leaders and laggards in fossil and clean investments, emissions, and customer impacts
  4. Understand utility progress on emissions in the context of state policies and regulations
Ongoing Development Priorities

The Portal is as an iterative product that will include annual updates to datasets and periodic releases with additional functionality, data, and analyses. While ongoing development priorities for the Portal may shift, they currently include:

  1. Economic competitiveness of existing utility fossil fleets
  2. Financial implications of forward-looking utility planning data
  3. Dual-fuel and gas-only utility data
  4. Asset-level (financial, operational, emissions) data

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Note: The Portal experience is best when viewed on a computer screen.

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